Cheryl Mayberry McKissack

Cheryl Mayberry McKissack



Diverse thinkers bring big ideas and perspectives that warrant space to be investigated, created, discovered, experienced and culturally validated. With a commitment to inclusivity, I believe entrepreneurs fuel innovation and foster ingenuity that can change the world. 



Documenting my professional experiences into a relevant framework to empower entrepreneurs has been an intellectual labor of love. To identify and reimagine how we approach business, it must be reviewed, explored and ultimately challenged. My book, The Entrepreneurial Sell, does this.



Clear communication is imperative for professional presentations and academic tutelage. However, a confident delivery that spark curiosity and engages an audience is vital. I believe in empowering future leaders, start-ups and small businesses.



Effective leaders are prepared for change. Being adept at steering organizations to optimal performance, I have utilized my executive management skills to impact, elevate and maintain meaningful connections across profit and non-profit sectors.