Nia Enterprises, LLC


The world is waiting on the next big idea so it’s not surprising that most small businesses have adopted a variation of ‘start small, think big and scale fast.’ Yet there is something profoundly intriguing about entrepreneurs who pace themselves to hone their niche and master how to sell it.

After building a career as an executive in sales, marketing and technology, I redirected my intrapreneur expertise to pioneer my entrepreneurial path and launched Nia Enterprises, LLC. The foundational insight and powerful relationships I gained from leading teams and spearheading innovation during my corporate reign is simply invaluable.

My primary focus, being the CEO and president of my digital consultancy firm, is to drive growth for companies, most notably entrepreneurial ventures and start-ups. Nia Enterprises, LLC has steered digital transformations, developed winning marketing programs and executed successful sales and growth strategies– all monikers of my consultancy. With a commitment and focus on the multicultural market, I have provided essential data and market-driven insights to refine the growth strategies of Fortune 500 firms and entrepreneurial companies.